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License type Freeware 1.

Author's homepage Visit the author's site. Date added 26 Jan Downloads File size Version history. New user Log in If you do not have an AfterDawn. Email address. Login by using your AfterDawn username or your email address. MikeDavid Send private message to this user. Too much choice: OK, maybe this isn't really a con -- but with so much choice of music, films, TV programs, podcasts and audiobooks you are going to need to set some boundaries.

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After all, you do need to work on the other parts of your life too, right? You don't have to restrict use to iOS devices either -- it will stream to Android and to Windows as well.

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The family sharing catering for a generous six users is a real plus point too. A new feature in Chrome will better hide your Incognito session so websites can't detect it. The veteran producer and brainchild behind the new Netflix kids' science series says that salvation OneNote is flexible and much liked. But if it doesn't work exactly like you want, you have plenty of I like the feature where you can upload an older versions of apps when the new versions are already not supported.

Was this review helpful? It doesn't use up a terabyte to run, but close. It doesn't install programs on your computer, but close. It doesn't kill you, but could drive you insane, which one could argue is worse.

You can use CopyTrans Manager to get around using Itunes. The most non-intuitive program that I have ever used on a computer Blatantly crooked - certain devices force you to download this in order to use a particular device.

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iTunes (bit, bit) Download For Windows And Mac OS

It's designed to tie you into other financial endeavors. Installs 6 programs on your computer. I'm sure hard drive space isn't an issue for anyone, but it's the principle and it doesn't make any sense for something as simple as a music organizer to use so many resources. It's such a blatantly crooked program. I was using a new ipod so I actually just had to install itunes, and then install copytrans than uninstall itunes. Now I shouldn't have to see itunes again for a long time. I can honestly say that itunes is the worst program that I have ever run on a computer on multiple levels.

Let's just say, one could prove string theory easier than successfully organizing their music with itunes.

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Downloading and running this program was like knowingly giving myself AIDS No, but seriously! Anyways, if you have to don't use this dreadful program any longer than you have too. I shouldn't have to sacrifice having "artists" and "albums" visible in the sidebar, to be able to easily access my full library right away. I prefer to have all media types that i use visible and easy to access media types as well as devices, not just when in "music". I don't want "recently added" to be first and my full library is only number 4 in line. Yes, I know I can edit what's visible, but I shouldn't have to sacrifice having "artists" and "albums" visible in the sidebar, to be able to easily access my full library right away.

I've used iPhones and iPods for years for music. The devices, and IOS are pretty solid overall. On Windows it's terrible. I can't speak for the experience on a Mac, but I can't imagine it's much better. I truly can't think of a thing to recommend this software other than that you have to use it so you have to somehow get used to the pain. I've lived through years of this awful software. I used to think that at some point a company as large as Apple would clue into the loathing it receives from Windows users and do something about it.

I can only think that they're trying to beat us to death in order to get us to switch to Macs. The software takes forever to load, takes forever to find your device s , and has ludicrous presets that don't match what you actually want to do with the software.

Only then can I manually copy the photos, because iTunes only supports copying photos from your PC to your iOS device, not the other way around. It has a sense of humor. I lol everytime itunes asks to be my default media player just like IE asks to be my default web browsers. You are forced to use it. Anti-user-friendly approach Hugely oversize, when most free compact programs available on the internet out perform itunes.

Why is it so slow just to play my music? When literally everything else are faster? Must you backup everytime I sync my iphone? Or are you just data mining when I am unaware? I see absolutely no reason for a media program to be MB. Frequent updates that are more useful at screwing you over than actually helps.

I rarely see anyone who does not own an Apple product actually use this programming disaster. Statistics alone tells you the quality of this software, that you are either forced to use it, or not at all. Even for the number for fans out there, the reviews for iTunes are rather critical, further confirming the poor quality of this software. Long answer short, it is an oversized, underperforming, major security problem piece of stonesage software that you would probably never want to have on your own computer.

Where to Download Every Version of iTunes

Music organization. Runs like it's built for Windows WavePad Audio Editing Software Free audio and mp3 editor that anyone can use to meet all their music editing needs. Download iTunes 64 bit Free Download for Windows. User reviews about iTunes 64 bit. More reviewed on April 16, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Download and installation help. Best free alternatives.

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