Iphone dropped in toilet no sound


  1. Dropped your phone in water? The fix isn't rice
  2. SOLVED: Dropped phone in water - everything fine except I can't hear - iPhone 6s - iFixit
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It will work but not in all cases. Reply 6 years ago on Step 3. Thanks for the advice: Someone else told mr to remove the batteries before, but there was no way I could remove them from the iPod so.. Thanks anyway! By whoisthis Follow. More by the author: You'll need: Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip. Reply Upvote. Phil B 6 years ago on Introduction.

Of course I used uncooked rice! It would have made it worst! Thanks soooooooooo much!!! Found my phone laying in a puddle of water this morning, due to my cat knocking a glass of water over last night. Everything worked except the sound. I was absolutely panicked. Sat with a hair dryer as I googled for a solution. You are a genius!! You absolutely saved my life!!!

Thanks a million! I hope one day the universe can help you the way you have helped so many! Thanks for the rice tip. It was bad enough that I dropped it in the toilet, to loose control over the sound reminded me of how I should invest in a waterproof case. I left it in rice last night and it brought my phone back to normal. This was a wonderful quick fix. Tried this when I got home and it worked like a charm! Took a few minutes of cleaning the jack before the sound kicked back in, but now everything is in working order again.

Unfortunately this method did NOT work for me, although I did try it a few times after I dropped my phone in a tub full of water for literally 3 seconds. I decided to do the rice trick and turn off the phone. Left the phone in the rice for about 30 minutes, turned it back on and I heard music playing from the speaker but it was very faint with the volume turned up.

What to Do If Your Phone Falls In Water?

The volume was working fine for the speaker but when I used the same q-tip after I removed some of the cotton on the speaker the audio comes from and wiped it back and fourth it magically got louder! I asked my sister to call me so that I can verify for sure it works and low and behold the ring tone came on. So happy, was getting worried! I was really tense. Once again thank you so much again…. I cant actually beleive this worked. Thanks for taking the time to share! Such a simple solution to a possible very expensive repair! Found some dirt at the bottom of the cotton. Remember to turn it off before you put it in Genius!

Absolutely Genius! Thank You So Much! My phone was in my pocket and I was walking outside and it started to rain, and all of the water went Onto my speakers, since it was upside down in my pocket. After using this tip for two minutes the sound magically came back!! Life and phone saver. You must hear this every day of your life! Thank you, thank you! Now that was Legen…. Thank you soo much! I was talking outside in Oregon and the tiniest but of moisture got in there. Dropped my phone in water and all worked ok except the speaker. Found your tip, rushed out and got a pack of cotton buds.

Sceptical that it would work but my god it did. Thank you, thank you , thank you!!! Today morning i dropped my iphone4s in sink for fraction of seconds. When i wiping it i tried to dry it out with hair dryer which was a mistake now i know. Its working with loud speaker and headphone but normal speaker is not working. Am at work now. Do you think if i put my phone in rice in evening would help? Would it be too late then? Also in headphone jack i noticed i pink circle inside white circle. I already turned on the iphone…. Will that affect the result????

Or as long as I use the q-tip it will be fine even the phone is turned in…. Dropped my phone in the toilet. Put it in rice really quick after drying it and it still worked but I didnt notice until I saw this that my speakers werent working. Luckily enough i clean it with some q-tips that i had to stretch out cause they didnt fit and it fixed it! Hi, Million thanks my speaker finally works..

Just happened to my phone today. Thanks you. That didnt work. Am I too late. Thatnk you SO much! It worked: Last night I knocked over a glass of water on my iPhone 5. Phone was covered in water. I knew instantly I was screwed… or so I thought. I quickly placed it into a small ziplock bag with rice. Then started searching on the net. I pulled the phone out. Cleaned the headphone jack and everything started working. I thought i was going to have to buy a new one!

Thank you sooooo much, I really thought I was gonna have to buy a new phone!!!! It worked instantly!! I dropped my iphone in a cup of coffee almost a year ago, and have had no sound since then. I just found this site. Sound is back, just like that. Oh man! I never leave feedback but this worked like a charm. Ii dropped my phone in water and everything was fine except the main speaker. I pulled a bit of the cotton off and it fit like a charm. I twisted it done as far as it would go a Bam! Beautiful sound!

I am very happy. When I came back to it, everything worked except the speakers. I checked the dock area, and wiped it with the q-tip, then inserted my charger and voila!! It worked. Worked well! Amazing thanks! But do you have any idea how to fix the volume? It keeps going up and down uncontrollably lol. Oh my gosh! My hormonal teenage daughter was going crazy after dropping her phone in the tub. The rice had it working — except the speakers. Then we did the q-tip trick and YES!!!

Happy teenager again! Thanks for your tutorial. Initially my phone was looking good, but then I noticed the sound wasnt working properly I checked for the tell-tale water marks — and none. Put into rice and kept taking it out cuz I have no patience and I found your site. The sound came back but only on high. So it is back into the bag of rice and trying to remain patient and positive. I could not find a sim card slot on my phone, which was another reason why i took it out of the bag. Guess i should have learned more about the phone. I am scared. I went to the apple store today to get this problem fixed… well, the store was too busy and said I have to make an appointment…my appointment is for tomorrow at 7: My phone was not working even with the headphones in, after following this tip my headphones now work but can not hear iPod, and the speaker bar on the side of phone does not work.

The alarm does work tho, any ideas? So, the Q-Tip did not work for me. This worked. So if the Q-Tip alone does not work, use the blow dryer method followed by the bag of rice method mentioned earlier. I just nearly had a melt down!!! I spilt coke all over my phone. It wasnt submersed but thoroughly drenched. It worked and the screen was fine, but my speaker had stopped working. I did the whole rice thing, and then found this blog. I cudnt believe it, a trusty cotton bud and low and behold its working again. I cant thank you enough lol.

Cheers x. So I took off the fluffy part an swirled it around , sound came back! Thanks alot. I snatched the phone out of the toilet before it had a chance to finish bouncing around in the landing but it still got water damaged. The qtip worked! Man, you really are a genius! I just spilled some water into my iphone 4. Your method just literally and simply fixed my speaker problem. Thanks in millions!!!!!!!!! I tried it! How does the headphone jack effect the speaker on the bottom? Any suggestions please Nicole.

Man ur help was timely and magical!!! My phone just popped out sound…gave me such a freaking thrill I cannot describe!!! What happened is that i dropped my phone in the snow, so ever since that happened my phone speaker is not working anymore without the headphones……, please help me!!!!!! This didnt work: How can I fix it. The Speakers Stopped Working. Thank you very much. Water poured on my Iphone earlier and i had the speaker problem. I used a cotton bod to clean the headphone jack and Bam, its working again.

Thanks buddy!! Worked a treat ;p xxx. Thank you so much took a couple of goes but is now working very grateful as not able to get a new phone for two months x. You wrote this post back in April and this is May and people like me are still benefiting from this wonder post. If they add it to their customer services list it would improve their reputation a million mile. It worked for me but the speakers are still raspy btw i have an iphone 5 does it work the same or do i have to do something different?

Can someone help me? Pleasantly surprised this work. That was a welcome surprise. You need to take part in a contest for one of the finest websites on the net. I am going to recommend this blog! Got a little rain in there from golf and I was in a panic. This worked like a charm. I was definitely surprised- took about pokes and I was good to go. So, I used a toothpick with a small piece of paper towel wrapped around it and it worked!!

Wow actually worked thanks.. I will never send a text whilst in the shower again lol was so scared I broke my iPhone 5. Omg it worked! This happened to my work phone so i was supper freaking out — But you sir are amazing for sharing this with the world so thank you and God bless you. Simple, and amazing. Thanks so much! Should you leave it in there a while or just twist it around a second? Tried it again.

Left it in there a while, then moved it around, turned phone off then back on, turn off again and left it off a minute. Turn back on while q tip still in. Thanks anyway. Amazing after dropping my phone in the toilet I was very upset as my phone is my life use it for everything after 2days if drying it in rice and after being amazed that it still works I was disappointed that I could y watch videos or listen to music but came across this article and knw all seems fine thank u so much!!!

Fingers crossed it will make it through the night!!!! Thanks dude you saved my from being killed by my mom at first i doubted your solution when i tried it but after 5 minutes it worked thanks dude. So glad I found this. Ran in the rain and when I removed headphones the volume was extremely low on my phone. Used google, found your site, tried the tip, and volume is back to normal! Not sure if it was the water had veen in my pocket during heavy rain or just something that can come dislodged but wiggling a small cotton bud q-tip fixed it.

It works!!!! I accidentally fully submerged my phone in water. All was working, but the audio. Did not have q-tip, so rolled the tip of a Bounty and inserted into the head phone jack and it works!!! OMG you are awesome. Thanks a lot! This tip is an absolute lifesaver, my phone is working just as it was now! Thank you again!! Hello, my phone got water damaged 2 days ago, and the damage is exactly as you described. Also the volume adjustment buttons were working as well. But none of those have worked.

Or am I safer taking my phone to the Apple Store? Please help, your opinion would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much if some of you are worried if u have a iphone 5 or a higher generation it still works it worked for me atleast. The Q tip worked water damage too. Your a genius!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your tip!! It worked by soaking it in unoocked rice overnight. Really great!! I just got back from shoveling snow and i had my phone in my pocket and I guess lots of snow got in it and I went to look at the time and it was was covered in snow and it was wet too. I dried it off with no problem and saw it was still working so I minded my own business.


Dropped your phone in water? The fix isn't rice

But then the volume didnt work! I was so amazed that I just had to comment and leave feedback. Thank you soooo much I would have never thought to do this simple thing and now my phone has sound again!!! That should b the quality of man…it worked man…amazing.. Thankyou mate. Hi there, Thank you so much. Yes, I did as you suggested. This time I took tissue and rolled it into a tiny tube. And then inserted it into the cable slot too. The tissue soaked up the water from the hole. And the speaker is working great!

Shall spread this message. This is really awesome post. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am from Alabama. Few months ago my phone was damaged and I went to a shop, Play and Talk of Alabama to repair it. They repaired it effectively in very lost cost and this shop collect many video games also. I tried drying the headphone jack with a hair dryer which did nothing except heat up my phone, then came across your video and after one try with the Q-Tip, I can hear the sound from calls, music and videos.

I was listening to music in my shower and it fell 6 feet into the stream of the water I quickly took it out of the case and patted it dry turned it off and left it in a towel while I finished.

I tested to see if it played with headphones and on the dock of the ihome which it did so I was unsure what to do. Pretty sure the qtip idea had an affect on the phone. So thank you veryuch for the help, very smart idea! My cat spilled tea over my phone in the middle of the night and i was so mad. After putting my phone in some rice and it not working, i thought I would have to get a new iPhone in the morning. Then i tried this… Idk how or why works but it does.

Thank you sooo much. Thx so much for your blog, i was having a bath and i went on my phone amd my hands slipped and i dropped my phone in the water. I then picked it up as wuick as i could and played some music because thank christ my phone was still working! I played some music and it sounded a bit dodgy in a way! I then looked up how to get your sound working after dropping your iphone into water! The first website i found was yours and i clicked on it and you said to get a q-tip and wipe the head-phones bit.

So i did, and it worked perfectly when i played my music! Thx fpr the great obvise! I stole my roomates q tip and it works just fine!!! But I promise a happy ending. I stuck it in there one more time I twisted in ONE direction. I tested one last time… And I promised a happy ending, poof it worked. Keep trying! Thanks soooooooo much! I just dropped my phone in the sink I could not hear anything no music nothing. I had a heater for the winter and let it sit there for 2 minutes while moving it around.

Then I put it in some dry oatmeal and sat it infront of the heater for a bit. I just got my water speakers and when I play the music loud it makes a really static noise and it interrupts the song and its very annoying, please help. My iphone 4 having very low sound. Iam talking about audio speaker The output of the speaker is very low.

I literally screamed in joy when the music started playing and my mom totally got scared. This is amazing, I had a spill on my iphone 4 in the office, tried you q tip and it worked like Magic. It worked like Magic, had a little spill on my iphone and tried your q tip and it worked like Magic. I had this exact problem with my iphone, at first the q-tip wouldnt fit in the headphone jack, but i tore dome cotton off and this worked perfectly!!! Thankyou so much!!! Yesterday afternoon I accidentally dropped my iPhone 5s into a sink filled with water there was also trace of soap in the water.

I pulled it out right away so it was in the water for maybe 2 seconds or so. I dried it off in a towel as well as I could. The phone was still working but the sound from the speakers stopped playing music. Then I started google-ing and found your post. The Q-TIP solved the problem! My iPhone works like nothing ever happened. Any other ideas I had all ready done the the rice thing!!!! Try a Hard Rest…where you hold the power button and big button at the same time until the phone turns off….

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I hopes this works for you. Good Luck. My phone got wet in the rain today and had a very low sound coming out of it. Once I got home I plugged in the blow dryer and held it to the speakers and headphone jack for a few seconds and it was back to normal again!!! Hope this tips helps too. Thank u so much, after my iphone was under water for a while I took it to a Dry Box. It worked!!! I dropped my phone into my coffee briefly this morning, and had the problem you described.

I tried everything else but nothing is working. Any advice? Good afternoon!! I had a bad day yesterday, and dropped my IPhone in water. I Noticed today that I suddenly had no sound at all on my phone. I Googled for help, and found your post. This worked!! Twisted it in the headphone jack.

Two times. Went to music, press play, and viola!!! Back story: Every thing seemed to work except sound! Omg it worked…. I did everything as instructed…. I turned Pandora on and low and behold sweet sweet music…. Oh my god it worked! You have to follow the videos instructions of how to do the cotton swab but it worked! It worked!!!! Woo Hooooooooo! I used the Q-tip a couple of times just to be sure. Thanks soooooo much and for taking the time to post. Just turned a q-tip round and round both ways just a few times and my text sound is back.

Unusual that the ringer sound worked prior to cleaning, but not the text sound or music. My phone shows the red indicator of water damage My phone would not play sound or allow me to talk on the phone. I could use head phones and speaker to talk on the phone inconvenient. I put a qtip in where the head phones plug in and moved it around for a little and sound magically started coming out!!! So helpful!! Thanks a lot I dropped my phone in watermelon used a q-tip and after like 5 min boom worked fine thanks again! What shall I do? I accedently dropped it in water and it got stuck in headphones.

I tried everything but nothing worked but I used a blow dryer and sucked on the headphone jack really really hard and it went off headphones. Tried this and this worked. This worked so great you have to use a few q-tips but it works tank u soo much I thought my phone was gone. So glad i came across this video! Very happy that it worked and i now have sound on my phone again!

Thank you so much you are my best friend I alwas listen to music and I was freaking out at least it not ruined thank you soooo much!! Worked for me too! I had to tear a little of the cotton off and use both ends of the swab to get it dry enough but my phone actually rang loud and clear about 5 seconds after I finished. Thank you so much for posting this!!! You are my hero! I have an iPhone 6 plus and never thought this would have worked but I tried it and wow! I was losing hope because at first it didnt work i just kept swiviling it and eventually my speakers played my music without the earphones!

SOLVED: Dropped phone in water - everything fine except I can't hear - iPhone 6s - iFixit

I can listen to music and everything now!! Thank you very very much!!! You r a saviour! I use an the end of incense and paper towel which is close to q-tip. This literally just happened to me!! First thing I tried was this n it fix the problem! Honestly great and people should try it! Thank you very much for this information!! Does it matter how long you take to put the Q tip in? I dropped my iPod 5th generation in a bowl for a few seconds. I just wiped it off and thought nothing of it, until I noticed the speaker so would that affect it and the speaker still not work because I waited too long?

I used something similar…. Toilet paper might work too. Rolled it up tiny and put it in the headphone jack. Good news. The Q-tip worked. Sound is working. Ringer works. Speaker works. All tested OK. Holy crap. Thank you so much for this advice. My phone was soaked and I took my phone out but I had to go to work so there was nothing I could do to rice wise. I just did the Q tip and it worked! This is the best video ever!! I literally just dropped my phone in the shower I was listening to music while showering and googled what I could do to fix my speaker. This was the first thing I saw and my speakers work like new!

I did not want to have to go buy a new phone. Im a kid and knew my parents would probably be so mad…but this solution really works! I got it fixed and my parents will never know…: Definitely works — just tried it after I dropped the phone in water while getting a manicure! I was devastated as I thought I would need to by another phone — great tip!! Tried again and perfect! It worked amazing! After looking through other places that suggested the rice treatment I came across this one and decided by tell my friend to try it.

And it worked, we were so happy when we heard sound coming from the young phone. In summary this worked. Holy moly, thank you! Niagra falls mist ruined my iPhone. I googled the problem. I read what you wrote years ago. But almost half an hour later I was surprised to hear email notifications!

This shit works. I was scared for my life that I broke it bc I just got it and accidentally spilled water on my night stand with my phone there. I put it in rice and then dried off the water and read a solution and this shit works fr. Thank you man!! My son lost his phone in the toilet today and nearly went into cardiac arrest. Thank you soooo much. Had this problem with first phone after going in the bath, and I did it again just now!

This was just brilliant! I was going to go to the extent of getting my phone replaced. But I thought of doing a bit of my own research and stumbled upon this. Thank you very much for this post of yours. Has definitely helped me. Oh my god!!!!! This is such an amazing tip!! I got caught in rain and ended up with a wet phone. I have never had damage to my phone so I had no idea what to do. After I saw this I tried it straight away and it worked! Now I have no problem with my phone. You are awesome! My phone is still in a bag of rice but this is great. Hopefully it works for my phone.

I had it in a Defender series Otterbox iPhone 6 and I blanked out for a second, phone dropped out of my hands into the water and in less than 3 seconds it was out and I was drying it with a towel and then immediately removed it from the case and dried it and then placed it in the rice.

It is completely off right now but before turning it off I noticed the only thing not working is the audio part. Is there hope mine will be ok too like yours was in the clip you posted? My phone got wet in the rain and sound would not work. I tried the tip of using a Q tip in the headphone jack and now my iphone sounds works! Thank you for the tip! It solved my problem. The water fell on my iPhone and I started getting the issue. The video was very helpful. Got my iphone momentarily submerged in dishwashing water which got my iphone stuck to headphone mode.

So I turned off my phone soaked it in uncooked rice overnight. When I turned it back on, my iphone speaker is working again! Yes it did work after I took some of the cotton off. I had to watch the video without the sound to realize you need to take off some of the tip. Worked great had to use a few tips to get to work I knew this was the problem when I tried to adjust the volume and it kept saying headphone volume but worked awesome from the looks of the qtip you should clean the jack anyway. Worked great for me! My issue was that a small amount of water from a surface got into the right bottom speaker making the sound muffled.

I was skeptical that putting the q-tip into the jack would fix it but now crystal clear sound! Not sure how it works but thanks! It worked thank you very much your a genius you told me this thing after i lost hope thank you again. Absolute genius!! I tried this method it started to work for a little bit then it went back to having no sound. Ive turned the phone on and off how do you sugest i fix that?

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