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There are two reasons for it. The first one is that some preliminary patches, which needed to be merged first, endured long review phases. The second reason is, that when these patches finally were accepted I had shifted my focus on some other topics, which I decided to give an higher priority. Before delving into these other topics, a short analysis on why the reviews took so long: The more striking reason is though that we are just short on people who can actually review KWin code changes, in particular with Martin being not maintainer anymore.

We must find a way to reduce the review pressure on the people being capable of doing reviews somehow, at best with only a minimal hit in code quality. After this is out of the way, let us talk about these other features, which I prioritized higher. It features a beautiful UI, a somewhat locked-down app manager, and tons of educational software.

Endless OS is mostly used to teach computing all over the world so the company has made it simulate a smartphone experience. In place of an app drawer, it uses shortcuts arranged in a grid view on the desktop. Sort of like an iPhone. And finally, I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Rachid Taha, whose wonderful blend of North African and French musical traditions, along with his frank confrontation of the challenges of being North African and living in Europe, has made some powerful—and fun—music.

The Call for Hosts will be open until April 15, Community members and open-source enthusiasts are encouraged to follow the Conference How To guide on the wiki to submit a proposal on hosting the conference. The guide offers a How to Bid and How to Checklist to help with submitting a proposal. While the openSUSE Project intends to move the conference to different worldwide locations in the future, the project has two locations Nuremberg, Germany, and Prague, Czech Republic to host the annual community conference if no proposals are submitted during the Call for Hosts.

Istio is designed to take the complexity of managing microservices architectures away from the application developer or DevOps team. As enterprises increasingly adopt the advantages of deploying containerized applications, it is important to address the potential misconception that the JVM does not play nicely in the cloud. While it is true that most JVMs may not come out of the box perfectly configured to run in an elastic cloud environment, the wide variety of system properties available allows the JVM to be tuned to get the most out of a host environment.

This blog post will walk through the steps of configuring and testing a containerized Java application for use with the VPA, which demonstrates the inherent adaptability of the JVM to cloud platforms. So anyone reading my blog posts would probably have picked up on my excitement for the PipeWire project, the effort to unify the world of Linux audio, add an equivalent video bit and provide multimedia handling capabilities to containerized applications.

We have internal patches for both Firefox and Chrome ium which we are polishing up to propose them upstream, but we will in the meantime offer them as downstream patches in Fedora as soon as they are ready for primetime. Once those patches are deployed you should have any browser based desktop sharing software, like Google Hangouts, working fully under Wayland and X. Currently, we have java It accompanied java Similarly, as did java However, today the situation is more complicated.

Javaws is provided in another package — icedtea-web. It did not, despite the fact that the idea and code to handle such streaming had been floating around for years. I did however find a standalone plugin for VLC to do it, and half a year later I decided to wrap up the plugin and get it into Debian.

Ubuntu Release Team member Adam Conrad has announced the beta freeze with hopes of delivering the beta images on Thursday, 27 September. If the beta preparations go as planned, the Ubuntu The final code freeze and release candidates are than due on 11 October. The official Ubuntu Duval launched and led the Linux Mandrake project. The project is significant in that the European Commission recently noted how few people switch platforms. So it wants more variety and competition within the Android world.

That brings up a dialog that has 2 touch buttons for power off and reset. As part of the PERM initiative,the Little KITE clubs currently include 58, student members from schools and it would be the 14, students out of these who excelled in school level trainings, who have been included for the 2-day camp. Training centers have been arranged in each of the sub districts for the 2-day camp, which would only make use of Free and Open Source Software. People and machines are consuming unstructured data more than ever, and businesses have to continually reinforce their storage capabilities to keep up with the challenges of storing large volumes of business data.

For CIOs, storage systems that can provide greater flexibility and choice, as well as the capability to identify unstructured data better to categorize, utilize and automate the management of it throughout its lifecycle are seen as the ideal solution. Needing no proprietary hardware components, SDS is the perfect cost-effective solution for enterprises as IT can use off-the-shelf, low-cost commodity hardware which is robust and flexible.

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We are extremely grateful to those who filled out the survey. We feel that our research can help create better environments at work, where team members can share knowledge and innovate. Purpose of the Study Our research is focused on knowledge sharing in ambiguous circumstances. Six Sigma is a method of quality control that should reduce ambiguity, given its structured approach.

We ask whether the reduction in ambiguity is coupled with a reduction in knowledge sharing as well. Open source communities are no doubt playing a key role in moving the telecommunications industry forward, but not everyone is on board the bandwagon. But artificial intelligence startup B. The Collabora open-source consulting firm whose expertise spans from the Linux kernel to LibreOffice and X.

Org had another successful year. Family and friends have gotten a rudimentary level of understanding of what curl is and what it does. The little video that was produced helped:. Communications service providers CSPs are increasingly keen to adopt open source technologies to deliver their services, according to research. Commissioned research questioned CSP representatives across 98 companies worldwide. Tomorrow marks the start of the annual X. HMM, and more. When Google launched Chrome ten years ago, it seemed like one of those rare cases where everyone wins. In , the browser market was dominated by Microsoft, a company with an ugly history of using browser dominance to crush their competitors.

Worse, Microsoft was making noises about getting into the search business. In this setting, Chrome was a beautiful solution. As a benefit, the Internet community would receive a terrific open source browser with the best development team money could buy. This might be kind of sad for Mozilla who have paid a high price due to Chrome but overall it would be a good thing for Internet standards.

Sync has been present in Chrome for years, but until now, the system worked independently from the logged-in state of Google accounts. Google brought in a bunch of new features in the new Chrome 69 version. Apparently, there is another less advertised tweak that people are not happy about. A number of reports have highlighted that Chrome 69 — the one that made your tabs all curvy — is automatically logging people in as soon as they hit a Google-owned site. Yet another privacy concern for Google Chrome users! Now, another Chrome 69 setting has come to light which is risking our freedom to remove data.

Articles filed under Lake Villa

A farewell and au revoir to a great gentleman in making the most of your old Mac, Charles W. Moore, who passed away at his home in rural Canada on September 16 after a long illness. Good news. Data breaches, when information like your username and password are stolen from a website you use, are an unfortunate part of life on the internet today. After testing this summer, the results and positive attention gave us the confidence we needed to know this was a feature we wanted to give to all of our users.

That sinking feeling. Hackers have stolen names, addresses, passwords, survey responses from a service that you use. A particular vulnerability in the present Firefox browser has been unraveled by the security researcher and basically the creater of this bug, Sabri Haddouche in his blog post. After months of prototyping and judging, Mozilla and the National Science Foundation are fueling the best and brightest ideas for bringing more Americans online. The grand prize winners are as novel as they are promising: An foot tower in rural Appalachia that beams broadband connectivity to residents.

And, an autonomous network that fits in two suitcases — and can be deployed after earthquakes and hurricanes. Mozilla, the organisation that produces the Firefox browser and makes a loud noise about its open source credentials, is quietly collecting telemetry data on its users by the use of hidden add-ons, even though publicly visible telemetry controls are not selected. In other Firefox news, the browser evidently is collecting telemetry data via hidden add-ons, ITWire reports. The Telemetry Coverage measurement will sample a portion of all Firefox clients and report whether telemetry is enabled.

This measurement will not include a client identifier and will not be associated with our standard telemetry. My reminiscing led me to reach out to the Document Foundation, which governs LibreOffice, to learn more about the history of this open source productivity software. Anyone could download the office suite at no charge for personal use.

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This is the next installment in our ongoing support train for Oracle Solaris 11 and there will be no further Oracle Solairs Due to the timing of our releases and some fixes being in Oracle Solaris SRU1 includes all these fixes and customers can now update to Oracle Solaris Solaris Zhu manages a program called Babel, which translates code written in one version of the programming language JavaScript into code written for another version of the language.

That might not sound like a big deal. Open source developers, especially those who work on lesser known projects, do not get much attention or money for the work they do. While some developers are paid to work on open source projects as a part of their day jobs, they can get overwhelmed by the amount of work these projects require. Of course, like all creative applications, you can get working more quickly if you can make yourself familiar with the various keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys available. However, the default shortcuts that GIMP ships with are impressive and generally easy to get used to.

This cheat sheet is not an exhaustive list of all of the defaults GIMP has available. Instead, it covers the most frequently used shortcuts so you can get to work as fast as possible. Rust is a fairly young and modern programming language with a lot of features that make it incredibly flexible and very secure. Rust is also an open-source language with a suite of special features that allow it to be adapted to many different programming projects. It grew out of what was a personal project of a Mozilla employee back in , was picked up as a special project by Mozilla a few years later , and then announced for public use in Far gone are the days when you wrote Perl for the web in just CGI.

Each framework has its own distinct advantages, with Dancer being considered the most lightweight and with the lowest entry barrier; and Catalyst being considered the most heavyweight and with a steep learning curve. The Portable Computing Language a. There are also some minor feature additions like device-side printf being supported. Just recently, version 1. Comparing the two versions shows many important changes. The new version is much clearer and more worked-out, but there are also significant material changes.

In particular the goal has changed dramatically. The algorithm was devised to give more weight to links that came from more authoritative pages — the more backlinks a site had, the more likely it was to be a good source, similar to an academic paper. That allowed Page and Brin to rank search results not only by keyword frequency but by authority. And because the system analysed links, the more the web grew the better Backrub got.


In August , Backrub became Google, a play on the term googol, meaning the large number 10 to the power of The first version appeared on the Stanford site, run from cobbled-together bits of computers scavenged by Page and Brin. Separately, high-level representatives of Latin American and Iberian countries met on the side of the annual World Intellectual Property Organization General Assemblies taking place this week.

A few weeks ago I left the house and while driving realised I had forgotten my smartphone. It was not a good feeling — I felt disadvantaged and disconnected. Yet as a younger man I happily travelled around the world with just my wristwatch and a backpack. What has happened to us since those days? The miasma is only just lifting from the G7 summit in Charlevoix, Que. From the beginning we have had big plans for the Librem Key. When we first announced our partnership with Nitrokey to produce the Librem Key all we could talk about publicly was the standard USB security token features it would have and some of the integration possibilities between the Librem laptop and Librem Key that would make security easier for the average person.

With this new addition, the YubiKey 5 Series has the capability to replace weak password-based authentication with strong hardware-based authentication. Hence we decided for geoclue to handle this itself, through an external app authorizing agent and implemented such an agent in GNOME Shell. Since there is no reliable way to identify an app on Linux, there were mixed reactions to this approach. As reported by Bleeping Computer, Wardle has discovered a bypass flaw in macOS Mojave using which hackers can gain access to contacts data from the address book with the help of an app that does not have the required permissions.

However, the establishment of the organisation has been held up by internal political wrangling over funding, and which part of government will have ultimate command of the unit. If Osama Bin Laden was not sufficient warning that decades of money, arms and other support from the Western security services does not render a jihadi a friend of the West, then the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, should have opened British eyes forever to the danger.

In collaboration with MI5, Abedi had been fighting in the ongoing proxy war for Western oil interests in Libya, before being rescued by the Royal Navy. Back home in Manchester, he carried out an attack of appalling violence against a primarily young and female target group. So it would be very foolish indeed to rely on the fact that the jihadi logistic support and propaganda group the White Helmets is largely British government funded, to expect its members who are now, like Abedi, being brought into the UK, to behave as quiet citizens.

The links of the White Helmets to Al-Nusra and Al-Shams and other jihadi groups are deep — they chose to be evacuated to Idlib together from numerous sites. In many well-attested cases, they are the same people. In ending all funding to the White Helmets, the Dutch government did not wish to be confrontational towards the other neo-conservative governments who are funding and exploiting the propaganda from the White Helmets. Their report was therefore diplomatically phrased. It is believed to have been created in with the purpose of instructing agents on how to kill, and was released with a collection of files relating to the CIA-backed overthrow of the-then newly-elected leader of Guatemala, Colonel Jacobo Arbenz Guzman.

The operation in Guatemala was lobbied for by United Fruit Company, an American corporation that traded in tropical fruit, mainly bananas, and which wielded huge power in Central America at the time. When he found out about these documents, George Selley was instantly captivated, and his new project, A Study of Assassination, combines pages from the manual with archival press images, banana advertisements, and Cold War propaganda.

BJP caught up with the recent London College of Communication MA graduate to find out more about this project and his approach to images. The publication ran the story, which was written by, among others, former Guardian Moscow correspondent Luke Harding, regardless. The piece relied on four separate sources for their claims, though they give no more details than that.

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Harding worked for the Guardian in Russia for four years before his visa expired. After being subsequently refused entry to Russia, Harding claimed he had been expelled from the country for being critical of the Kremlin, a claim denied by the Russian government. He has since wrote extensively on Russia while based in the UK. Randy Credico, a comedian and political activist. He wanted me to go along with his narrative. They are now embroiled in a bitter conflict ignited by the Russia investigations undertaken by Congress and by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Assange has been staying at the Embassy of Ecuador in London since , unable to leave for fear of being detained by the UK authorities. Since , WikiLeaks, founded by Assange, has revealed a vast number of classified documents, including sensitive information allegedly related to US diplomats and the American intelligence community.

This has led to a criminal investigation into its activities, initiated by US authorities. Asked about the cash advance service, Stripe acknowledged that it was testing something out and pointed us to this tweet without elaborating more. Exciting news for capitalism is the recent achievement of trillion-dollar value for both Amazon and Apple, making them the first corporations to obtain such a lofty status.

Driving the engine of global wealth concentration are giant transnational investment management firms. These firms are all directly invested in each other, making them a huge cluster of centralized capital managed by just people, who decide how and where that wealth will be invested. In the case of Amazon, the top investment management corporations are: These elites interact through non-governmental policy-making organizations—privately funded by large corporations—that include the Council of Thirty, Trilateral Commission, and the Atlantic Council.

Their role is to facilitate, manage, and protect the free flow of global capital. In other words, it sounds like a pet project of someone in the White House to have in a drawer in case it was needed at some future date. Nobody who knows anything about YouTube will be surprised. Given that most people probably have the autoplay feature left on by default, that means that watching YouTube videos often leads people to extremist sites. Zeynep Tufekci, a well-known technology commentator, found that videos about vegetarianism led to videos about veganism, videos about jogging led to videos about running ultramarathons, and so on.

It promotes, recommends and disseminates videos in a manner that appears to constantly up the stakes. So, the braintrust behind this assertion includes three missionaries and their children and complaints over the past decade. Obviously, the only conclusion to draw is that indoctrination is out of hand and only the powerful velvet fist of government regulation can stop it. The law will never pass. If something goes horribly wrong and the bill does pass, the courts will strike it down immediately. Whatsapp has been trying to curb fake news on its platform for a long time now.

After multiple cases of lynching caused due to fake news, the Indian government asked the company to solve this issue or risk a ban in the country. The smartphones we use today are sophisticated little machines that have gone through an incredible evolution over the last decade. They are now capable of working as a personal assistant that can monitor our heartbeat, track our movements, and anticipate our needs. But have you ever wondered how does your smartphone achieve such remarkable feats? A lot of those coolest feats are accomplished through different sensors in your phone.

But do you know how many smartphone sensors are there in your device or what their purpose is? The software it used to track uncrackable devices spat out inflated numbers, possibly tripling the number of phones the FBI claimed stood between it and justice. The other is GrayShift, which sells a device called GrayKey, which allows law enforcement to bypass built-in protections to engage in brute force password cracking.

A pile of locked phones numbering in the thousands but which thousands?! There is little to celebrate for digital rights in China. A seemingly constant stream of developments is putting human rights defenders on high alert, as the Chinese state grows ever more powerful and cultivates its surveillance capabilities, integrates social media monitoring with everyday policing, and appears to be persuading international companies like Apple and Google to comply with Chinese law and practices that harm human rights in order to enter the market.

China also runs the largest biometric policing system known to date. Somewhat hidden under the din of this overtly dystopian discourse are the small yet powerful moves that China is making that are likely to have a long-term negative impact on global cybersecurity, even beyond the Great Wall. It gave the NSA a window of opportunity during which it could take advantage of those flaws in order to gain access to computer systems of interest.

Later that year, the Washington Post reported that the NSA was spending millions of dollars per year to acquire other zero-days from malware vendors. The harm that lapse can cause was vividly demonstrated by the WannaCry ransomware. The Senate Commerce Committee is holding a hearing on consumer privacy this week, but consumer privacy groups like EFF were not invited. Instead, only voices from big tech and Internet access corporations will have a seat at the table. In the lead-up to this hearing, two industry groups the Chamber of Commerce and the Internet Association have suggested that Congress wipe the slate clean of state privacy laws in exchange for weaker federal protections.

EFF opposes such preemption, and has submitted a letter to the Senate Commerce Committee to detail the dangers it poses to user privacy. Current state laws across the country have already created strong protections for user privacy. If Congress enacts weaker federal data privacy legislation that preempts such stronger state laws, the result will be a massive step backward for user privacy.

When the deal was announced, the company had only 13 employees and 30 million registered users. Without the founders around, Instagram is likely to become more tightly integrated with Facebook, making it more of a product division within the larger company than an independent operation, the people said. Systrom and Mr. Krieger did not give a reason for stepping down, according to the people, but said they planned to take time off after leaving Instagram. Systrom, 34, and Mr. Krieger, 32, have known each other since , when they met and transformed a software project built by Mr.

Systrom into what eventually became Instagram, which now has more than one billion users.

Nokia clamp helper 2.4.3 download

And sure, the bug affected less than 1 per cent of people on Twitter, but with a user base of 68 million, that could still mean anywhere between one and , people. Members of Congress have a duty to protect their staffers from harassment by reforming the Congressional Accountability Act of But further action on the bills has stalled, and even after sitting members had to resign over their own misconduct, our elected officials have still not moved to effectively protect the safety of their employees.

On Thursday, seven former congressional staffers sent a letter to congressional leaders in both the House and Senate, calling for meaningful reform of the Congressional Accountability Act of , a law that applies civil rights and workplace safety laws to Congress. They describe in the letter the trauma and pain exacerbated by the current system that has failed to ensure their safety and hold wrongdoers to account. The stories these brave survivors share in their letter are harrowing. They were grabbed and threatened — and they were not protected by the powerful people they served.

In , Oregon officials freed Anthony Montwheeler from the Oregon State Hospital, accepting his argument that he had faked mental illness for nearly 20 years to avoid prison. Last week, an Oregon judge ruled that Montwheeler, 50, was not competent to stand trial for an assault and two murders that prosecutors say he committed just weeks after his release. The judge ordered him returned to the hospital for treatment of depression brought on by the charges against him.

State attorneys prosecuting Jason Van Dyke, the former Chicago police officer accused of murdering year-old Laquan McDonald, finished presenting their case on September The defense called its first witness September This is an astounding reaction to incidents that are far too commonplace in this country. This is also an indictment of policing in America. There is no reason this reaction should be as stunning as it is. This should be standard operating procedure when cops screw up. Wrong address raids, killings of unarmed citizens, excessive force deployment… all of these events are normally handled by police departments with maximum defensiveness and minimal acceptance of culpability.

A law enforcement agency immediately stepping up to take responsibility for its errors — especially ones with potentially deadly outcomes — is a breath of fresh air in the fetid, stagnant swamp of US policing. It should be the rule. US customers pay some of the highest prices for broadband in the developed world, and broadband availability is sketchy at best for millions of Americans.

And as long as regulators are relying on a false picture of US broadband access, actually solving the problem may be impossible. At the same time, this growing power results in increased efforts to thwart any effort to rein in this power, leaving oversight of the natural monopolies more precarious than ever see: The TriZetto Group has secured a victory in a trade secrets dispute after Syntel allegedly stole information from them. Syntel was previously sanctioned for refusing to comply with discovery orders and in the latest ruling from the US District Court for the Southern District of New York again found that Syntel had failed to comply with court orders.

TriZettom, who develops and licenses software products in the healthcare industry, provides consulting services and hires contractors to perform some of this work with a previous contractor being Syntel. Qualcomm case in the Southern District of California. When it turned out that its adversaries were going to insist on an adjudication of their patent exhaustion defense, Qualcomm requested expedited briefing, which Judge Gonzalo Curiel denied.

Once the importance of the mastermind component is downplayed, the ultimate consequence may be that not even a device infringes since electricity must be provided by a utility, which in turn needs some energy source somewhere. The same happened to Samsung in the Netherlands and France where I attended a preliminary injunction hearing in The EU legislation, bad as it is in its own right, must be seen as part of a wider attempt to clamp down on free expression and the free exchange of ideas in the West at a time when fewer people than ever before believe establishment narratives.

But who defines what these terms actually mean? If you would like to discuss the present and future of copyright, our friends at KNect would like to let you know that the annual International Copyright Law conference is returning to London on 27 and 28 November A few months ago, this blog reported that the EU Commission had issued a Notice to stakeholders on the impact that a no-deal Brexit would have on UK copyright. Google, Yandex and other prominent Internet companies in Russia are discussing the creation of a database of infringing content including movies, TV shows, games, and software.

The idea is that the companies will automatically query this database every five minutes with a view to removing such content from search results within six hours, no court order required. Posted in America , Patents at 6: The U. Unlike lawyers or politicians or bankers Iancu, Battistelli and Campinos, respectively , she persistently backed the appeal boards, which at the US are known as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board PTAB , a relatively new construct that deals with inter partes reviews IPRs , typically invalidating bogus patents using 35 U.

No, there was no need for Congressional action; those who asked for Congressional action are crazed patent maximalists who know no boundaries to patent law. He linked to this tweet from a patent maximalist, who said: How is that beneficial? The same person also said: The proposal clearly defines the limited, excluded categories. Bogus patents, bogus lawsuits… what do they care? They just do the billing. Their finance department is happy. Lisa Ouellette, a patents and other things scholar, was citing Dennis Crouch yesterday. Crouch had posted a full transcript , which included this from Iancu:.

In essence, and because we no longer want to mush subject matter with the conditions of patentability, the exceptions should capture only those claims that the Supreme Court has said remain outside the categories of patent protection, despite being novel, nonobvious, and well-disclosed. And what are the categories of inventions that the court told us that we should not patent even where the applicant demonstrates full compliance with Sections , and ? The Supreme Court gave us the answer: In June, Rep. It does not have rulemaking authority over substantive patent law criteria, so it must follow Federal Circuit and Supreme Court guidance on this doctrine, mushy though it might be.

It will only further exacerbate things as he does not control the courts nor should he. That is what the opening paragraph says anyway. Patent Claims Invalid? So yesterday too he carried on with strawman arguments as headlines. This is what the official account tweeted: Read his full remarks: Neil Wilkof IP Kat has also just revealed that Iancu is still attending and opening events of patent extremists rather than science and technology events.

Maybe the occupation he came from — the one which exploits scientists and technologists. Very wrong. To quote:. The initial speaker was Mr. His focus was on the race over who would provide the lighting for the event? On the one hand, there was Thomas A. Edison and his invention of direct electrical current, on the other, the development of alternating current, by Nikola Tesla the inventor, not the car , supported by George Westinghouse. As noted by Mr. Iancu, Westinghouse and Tesla won the bid. For Mr. Iancu, what we learn from this story is that the patent system both encourages invention as well as patent design around, both of which are integral parts.

Watchtroll is of course also engaging in yet more PTAB bashing as always , e. Here is what Patently-O said about it:. Creation of the POP, typically comprising the Director, the Commissioner for Patents, and the Chief Judge of the PTAB; Identification of the circumstances when POP members may delegate their authority, and to whom; Provision of notice to the parties when POP review takes place, as well as the identification of the POP members in a particular case; Explanation of the standards, procedures, and timing for requesting POP review in a pending case on rehearing; and Revised procedures for designating a decision previously issued by the PTAB as precedential or informative.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has revised its standard operating procedures on panelling of matters and precedential and informative decisions. The maximalists already try to replace him as always with someone who better suits their agenda. Cory Van Arsdale, chief revenue office at Intellectual Ventures and one of the driving forces behind its recent monetisation efforts is leaving the giant NPE. Van Arsdale joined IV in from a consulting business which he co-founded and before that did stints at the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Sun Microsystems.

He has taken an active role as the company has ramped up its rate of sales in recent years including the disposals of around 4, former Kodak patents and almost 1, former American Express grants to Dominion Harbor. This will certainly be used for extortion and blackmail purposes which is what Sisvel does. Unlike Apple, Samsung does not engage in patent aggression, at least not directly. The patent troll VirnetX wants money out of nothing in Eastern Texas, where Apple became its latest high-profile target.

It issued the following press release yesterday:. But this decision will almost certainly be appealed and reach the Federal Circuit , which has a rather different track record than courts in Eastern Texas. Posted in Deception , Europe , Patents at 4: The Unified Patent Court UPC fantasy has fizzled, but those striving to interject software patents agenda into Europe from the back door e.

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, the EPO did not bombard Twitter with software patents advocacy typically times per day, even more so lately. From the corresponding article , which merely continues this tweet: As a pro-UPC site put it yesterday:. UPC is also mentioned in this new press release and a tweet from Bristows , which links to Alan Johnson. Team UPC has no remnants of credibility by now. Every prediction it had given turned out to be false. Quoting Cross:. Until now the government has insisted that the court, part of which is due to be based in Aldgate Tower, London, was not an EU institution and therefore would be unaffected by Brexit.

The note also points out that there is still a possibility that the court may come into being in any case as ratification by Germany — which is subject to a court challenge — is still outstanding. Team UPC will carry on misinterpreting government documents to spread the infamous two lies.

Here is the relevant part:. In view of the lack of examination during the Luxembourgish application procedure, notionally all software inventions can be patented in the jurisdiction. However, to achieve a stronger presumption of validity, embodiments of patented software inventions should exhibit a further technical effect, analogously to the legal test practised under the European Patent Convention. Nov Location: Jan Posts: Offline Thanks Meter: Digg del.

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